a fresh choice

in the neighborhood.

Hello! We're Oasis Makers

We're new to your community, but we're from a community just like yours! We grew up in the community, made memories and lifelong bonds, just like you. As an adult, we've traveled, and lived in different cities. Coming back, we've discovered that the community has changed in many ways. Fresh and wholesome food choices have disappeared and need to be rediscovered. We've decided to start with what we know well: 3 generations of providing fresh and delicious food. This is our platform to spark positive change.

Everyone in the community will have a CHOICE to choose fresh, wholesome food. Everything is fresh: produce, breads, natural juices, and our heat & eat complete meal product line.

Fresh baked goods

Fresh Produce

Fresh Breads

Bottles of Fresh Juices

Natural Juices



How about starting the day a little different?

Variety is the spice of life!

If you want to try it- we have grab & go choices to start your day.

Of course- it's all FRESH!

  • Fresh cut seasonal fruit
  • Yogurt parfait with fruit and granola
  • Fresh fruit smoothies (coming soon)


Hearty Meals


Healthy meal prep containers with chicken and rice

Fresh Food

Convenient for you

Neighborhood Stores

Visit our community store in person, purchase online, or find us at a store in your neighborhood.

Semi-Realistic Buildable Store


Look out for our Fresh Food Fleet! Remember the ice cream truck? Oasis Makers is the remix!

Clean Delivery Guy on a Scooter
Vegan meal prep

Fresh, from scratch meals await.

See you soon!

"Your local food, your local farmers"

We are a participating member of the West Georgia Farmers Coop!




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Twitter: @oasismakers

LinkedIn: oasis-makers



1127 Broadway Suite B

Columbus GA 31901